Some Random Stuff. With Bullet Points.

  • Easter! Yay!
  • I personally think that David Bowie’s song ‘Oh! You pretty things’ isn’t racist in the slightest. Instead he is just (quite sensibly) looking forward to the time when we give into the fact that mutants are awesome, and elect Wolverine (as played by Hugh Jackman) as the new world leader.
  • Which reminds me of the election type things. I don’t really care. Can’t vote yet. I suppose when I turn eighteen I’ll vote. Possibly. My ‘rents never vote, so…  On the other hand the elections mean that we’ve had Ignatieff  and Rick Mercer stop by Saint John. Touring the provinces?
  • Sock love. Possibly even a trade with a super talented potter friend of mine. Cabled kneehighs. Need I say more? Knitting has its payoffs.
  • Mom is in Peeg, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned. She’ll be back soonish, I believe. (May…seventh? I should probably find that out.) My Aunt and Uncle are both doing super well.  They can both crutch around, and I think they’re going to be graduating to actually walking soon-ish. Yay!

Cutie pie. Snoogle Butt. Old man Hobbit Monkey. Food baby. She is a gal of many names.

I knit this sweater ages ago, when I was visiting in Peeg. I finally sent it to Food baby a month after I had got home… sorta procrastinated over the seaming…  Anyways, food baby is so small that she only was old enough to wear it recently! Kinda funny, since my siblings and I were all hefty chillens.

  • Watched Tangled the other day…and the other day… and again the other day,  that time with MozartNerd. It annoys me that the princess is  (of course!) blond. Even if it was a plot point. Aside from that, pretty sweet. Especially since Disney has sorta been wallowing in the muddy swamp of terribly under thought kids movies, accented with the stinking aroma of cheap jokes, and moldy plot lines.

That said, the Frog Princess made me very happy.


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