The giraffe is creeping me out.

We sent Mom off today to Peeg. (Prince George, B.C. to the uninitiated.) She gets three weeks to obey my Aunt and Uncle’s every whim,  and snoogle the baby. (I’m jealous of the baby snoogling.)

My Aunt and Uncle are both in physio, and although my Aunt primarily uses her wheelchair she’s practicing with crutches. (somebody throw something at me if I’m spreading misinformation.) My Uncle thought he could be walking, but unfortunately the doctors found a break they missed before, so he’s gonna be using his crutches for a little while longer.

Slowly but surely.

Aunt Mary Lou: you asked if my Aunt had a little servant bell. Actually, she does! A much loved, and rather eccentric member of our family gave it to her.  (along with a bottle of vodka. My family is wonderful and strange.)

And now for something unrelated, that I was going to post earlier, but had trouble with. (the pictures weren’t working. Story of my life.)

With the wonder of YouTube I found a wonderful tutorial on how to make open sores, in rather a zombie-ish manner. The lady doing the tutorial used liquid latex. I used toilet paper. (it was on hand and liquid latex wasn’t.)

One thickness of toilet paper applied with eyebrow gel and hairspray.

A crappy blending job. Oh well. The skin is supposed to look ill anyways.

This is after I ripped a hole in the toilet paper, and painted the skin underneath.

Lipstick in various shades, and black eyeshadow. Putting my E.L.F. kit to good use.

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