“I want adventure in the great wide somewhere”

…If you get the Disney reference then you had a childhood well spent.
Today has been a lazy catch up on homework kind of day, but I decided to go on an adventure in the middle of it. Because if making my sunburn worse wasn’t a good idea I don’t know what is!

Although I didn’t find where I wanted to go, I found a cool patch of forest with a nice view. I was happy. Not only that, but I also managed to avoid losing myself (I have a terrible sense of direction). …However, it becomes far less of a victory once you factor in the fact that I was probably ten minutes from a road and houses the entire time.

I think that might be one of my favourite things about where I live. It’s not a place I’m planning on staying in for too long post graduation, and it’s definitely a “have not” province, but it’s got the neatest little nooks and crannies in it. It’s not too hard to find a place to adventure to when you need a break.

The picture quality isn’t the best, but I didn’t feel like going to the bother of bringing a decent quality camera with me. Besides, with my iPod, I timed that I can walk to this place in less time than it takes to listen to all of a King Charles album. (It’s not an addiction and I can stop whenever I want.) I think sometime this summer I want to go out here and take good quality pictures though. Plus, it’s pretty shady under the trees, so it could be a good place to mess around with shutter speed and whatnot.

This weekend was a bit like a taste of summer. (Speaking of which, the new gelato place that just opened at the market is great, and you all should check it out.) Adventuring is starting to become a priority again, and that is happy making.


What is this thing you call sun?

 As someone who lives in  a the deep dark land of Canada, where all of our time is spent huddling in our igloos chewing beaver fat to stay warm, the appearance of summer is always a bit of a surprise. Lo and behold, my mind is boggled as per the seasonal mind bogglement, and life continues.

Good stuff of summer:

  • Wearing sunglasses that are far too big for my face. Not sure whether I do it ironically or not.
  • Collapsing in grass on multiple occasions, and varying times, with different cool people.
  • Sleepily collapsing in the grass of Queen’s Square (a slightly sketchy park uptown) with Will and Julianne, only to have our comatose state interrupted by a random dude rocking out in the bag pipes.
  • Wearing happy summer time clothes.
  • Frolicking in the sunshine.
  • The approaching Summer break.

 Dear Random Bagpipe Dude,

 we appreciated you.

Love, The Teenagers Who Clapped Every Time You Stopped Playing The Bagpipes And Encouraged You To Continue Playing.


The Annoying Stuff of Summer:

  • Having to shave regularly again. Sometimes being a brunette sucks…
  • Impending exams. I complain about these often, and will continue to until they actually happen, at which point I will find something else to complain about.
  • Sunburns gained while the school choir waited  for Prince Charles and Camilla to show up so that we could sing for them. Painful, awkward choir dress shaped tan lines! Woot!
  • It’s nearly summer and I still haven’t gone through with some legal name changing documents that I need to have happen, nor have I even typed up a resume, much less applied anywhere. Sadly, the job opportunities in my town for a fifteen year old are pretty scarce and mostly composed of working at McDee’s or Tims. Not exactly what I had in mind.

All this said, I’d say the good greatly out weighs the bad.

How is the weather in your parts?


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