End of Summer Shrug.

Summer is drawing to a close, and I’m not entirely sure what emotion to be feeling. I’ve spent quite a bit of my academic prone thoughts over the last few years stressing about this year, and what comes after it. Now that it’s actually about to happen it feels like just one more thing. Nothing too special. Maybe I’ll feel differently closer to the spring, when being in grad class actually begins to count for something.

 In the mean time, war of 1812, the acting gig I had over this summer and last, is finishing. Tomorrow is our closing show- we had an extra long run this year due to the Fundy Fringe Festival. It’s my last show with Iact- my schedule is far too busy as of next year to keep up with it- which is another thing that I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel about, so I just end up emotionally shrugging a little. I’m going to miss the pre-show traditions of living up to the crazy theatre kid label, jumping around, and trying to avoid the un-initiated so you don’t have to attempt to put it all in context.

(Which totally didn’t happen yesterday. Totally. Not at all. Nobody walked in on our shenanigans ever ever ever.)

The next week is a busy muddle of appointments, getting used to a new job*, and trying to visit people before our schedules are shredded again.



*I got hired at Tims. It’s not a job of glory, but it’s a job of money and discounted Timbits. So, like most other things right now, my emotion about getting the job was a shrug.


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