As we all know, it’s exam time. (If you weren’t aware of this fact I’m not sure what sort of god-forsaken rock you’re living under, but is there room for two?) It’s time to study, apply oneself and of course totally not -not one little bit at all not even a tiny ounce- put scads of books interesting and distracting on hold at the library. Of course not. Remembering how much fun reading is all of a sudden right when you’re in the middle of crunch time is something that only a silly person would do. Only an even sillier person would follow through and put book after book on hold, using their extended lunchbreaks in-between exams to (study you say? Nah, what an idea!) pick up said books from the library, maybe drooling slightly with anticipation.

Hah. Yeah. Silly people. Tee-hee.

Of course, the silliest of all the silly people are the ones who walk into the library and ask the librarians if they have any holds in…and before said silly person even has a chance to take their library card out of their wallet the librarian, recognizing them, goes and grabs their books for them without so much as needing to ask the silly person’s name.

Said silly person, having reached the point in their life where the librarians know them by name…said silly person probably just got their week made.

Light play 014
PS: light painting is the coolest. As are cats.
PPS: good luck on exams, folks!
PPPS: for what it’s worth, one of the library security guards knows me by name too. We have fangirling conversations about Sherlock. He recommends this site.

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