Christmas and Stuff

Break so far has consisted of: movies in which attractive people shoot and kiss each other, knitting scads of things, wearing sweaters, drinking tea, beautifully campy Doctor Who specials, and so on and so forth. I’ve not made too much of a dent in my homework, but with 2/3 of  “Great Expectations” down I can placate myself by saying that I still have time to finish everything else that needs to be done. Really, I’ve just been hibernating in my room, with occasional visits to that strange thing known as the ‘outside world’.

Christmas was good, although having that many excited kids on the present ripping rampage that early in the morning was a bit chaotic for my sleep fogged brain.

The photographer would like to apologize for the blurriness, lack of eye contact, and general mediocrity of the following images. The photographer would like to advise her viewers to remember that children are squirmy and that during Christmas Break not all teenagers are wise enough to go to bed as early as would be advisable. 

Christmas 2012 037

Christmas 2012 031

Christmas 2012 040

Christmas 2012 024



Loot was received and crowed over, consumerism was celebrated, massive amounts of food were prepared, and slightly less massive amounts of food were consumed. It was a good Christmas!

happy birthday jesus rent





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