School computers suck, and French class has nothing for me to do. Hello, extrememly slow connection to WordPress.

 In English we’re learning about the Romantic Period of poetry, in which I learned that the defintion of “romance” progessed from the 17th-18th century as something:


having no foundation in fact,

a tendency toward sentimental melancholy,

-and my personal favorite-

the horrible or gloomy, the eccentric or irregular.

This means that when studying for an English quiz I actually just spend a lot of the time bent over my binder going “Tee-hee. They should make valentines cards for English nerds that say things like ‘I love being horribly gloomy in an eccentric setting with you because you’re just so irregular.’ Giggle Giggle.”



I’m missing summer and the ability to do things -gaspcoulditbe- spontaneously. Nowadays it seems like  the only way to hang out with anyone is to book a chillaxing period two weeks in advance, and then all that ends up happening is that me and my friends stress about life together instead of by ourselves. Something to look forward to though, my school’s choir is going on a trip soon (by soon I mean over a month, but whatever. Close enough.) and I’m coming along. It’s not as ‘prestigious’ or what have you as last year’s trip to Boston, but nonetheless, every single time someone says “Halifax Trip” my interal hallelujah chorus goes off.

I’m exhausted. I’m enjoying every single thing I’m doing, but dear heavens, I am exhausted.



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  1. And we can tell how deep Kaelen is in crazy land by the fact that she has gone back to the days of TITLELESS POSTS…..:P Just kidding……..but ack, do I ever sympathize.

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