The Zombie Apocalypse Is Nigh

It’s the end of day one of my four day weekend (or the very beginning of day two if you want to get more bullheadedly specific than I care to be) and I feel…relaxed. There. I said it. Hopefully I didn’t just jinx the entire thing. Ever since I got back from Hippie Jesus Camp I’ve been in way better spirits than before I left, and as my general mood took a huge nose dive at the end of summer, the last week or so of actually being fairly continuously happy has been a pretty pleasant experience.

Today was started off with some sweet, sweet sleeping in. Granted, at this point in the school year 9:30 feels heavenly, but what the hey. After breakfast Dad removed the mirrored pane in my door that was ruined by a particularly stressed slam on my part a month ago. (Come to think of it, the seven years of bad luck’s beginning roughly coincided with me getting stressed out in the first place…somebody, quick, make a superstition joke!) Now comes the fun part of having my door off of it’s hinges for the next few days while I paint an insert to replace the mirror, get new molding to hold it all together, and have Dad trim the bottom so it doesn’t drag. Needless to say, the utter lack of privacy is a pretty good motivation for this project.

I want to get as much chilling with friends in as possible over the next few days, but this is tempered by all the other stuff (familial things, crafting, homework, and good old introverted anti-socialism) that is rearing it’s head. Since I’ll be staying home tomorrow anyways as my family will be celebrating Thanksgiving, I figure that a large portion of these responsibilities can be done then between baking pies, fixing doors and reveling in the absence of an enforced sleep schedule.

In long weekend  fun-times-news, this afternoon people met up at Tatyana’s house in order to prepare for the zombie walk that took place today. After experiencing my first zombie walk I can say that the walking part itself wasn’t all that amazing, but getting ready and hanging out afterwards was pretty great. It was interesting to see all more inventive costumes though. One of my favorites was the group of people wearing the zombie-fied Disney princess outfits…that is, until I realized that ‘Tiana’ was in black-face, at which point I cried a little inside. (I love where I live, but cultural diversity and/or sensitivity would not appear to be a Canadian maritime strength.)ImageImage


I’m not sure how I feel about this picture’s existence. Pride for my face’s flexibility tempered with a huge dose of “lolwut” would probably be the closest I can get to a good description.

And now for important decisions, like whether I should sleep or finish catching up on Doctor Who instead.



One thought on “The Zombie Apocalypse Is Nigh

  1. The endless ways you find to have fun never cease to amaze me. I can totally identify with your “slamming door” fiasco. I’ve done many things when I was upset or angry that later made me regret my actions. Or at least wish I had destroyed something different. Fortunately, your dad has the skills to fix stuff like that. Grandma

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