Overview of the week.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted- this can partially be blamed on being quite busy and partially on being quite lazy. Take your pick.While you’re busy choosing, let me give you a chronological over view of the interesting bits of the last week. (note: interptretation of “interesting” may vary.)

1) The 1812 project.

Our last performance was exactly a week ago, and it was a nice gig to spend part of my summer on.


Historical accuracy right there, folks.


Eight cool cats, including yours truly, (originally nine, but a case of tonsillitis decided to intervene) got to explain the entire war of 1812 in approximately half an hour. T’was a bit ridiculous, but I haven’t been killed in my sleep by any angry historians as of yet.


Preshow “getting into character”.



I’d say my excitement over this acquisition is fairly self explanatory.

3) Spending the night at Tatyana’s/her fancy late grad party.

We sat around, nibbled lots and lots and lots of food, sang show tunes and drank non alcoholic wine. Which, for the record, tastes just like slightly strange carbonated juice served in fancy bottles. Staying up until three thirty in the morning seemed like a great idea until the construction that is taking place literally outside of  Tatyana’s bedroom window began at seven in the morning.  Coffee and hot chocolate, mixed together, may very well be the only thing that got me through the following day.

4) The Library

Running off of approximately four and a half hours sleep, after walking home from the sleepover  I got to chill  for all of  two hours before I headed off to say hello to my mom on my way uptown for the last library volunteer session.

 Julianne and I have been “actually” volunteering at the library  for the summer… Will, Meagan and Tatyana decided that they were just going to start dropping in and putting together puzzles for the last month or so of volunteering at the same time we volunteer. Because what else would a bunch of cool kids do but hang at the library and solve puzzles while stage whispering obnoxiously loudly? (I love my friends.)

 All this being said, Julianne and I were awarded pizza and liquid diabetes (aka, pop)last Tuesday at the final session of volunteering. Will, Meagan and Tatyana made puppy eyes at the apathetic summers student who was watching us until he finally gave them the go ahead to eat junk food, despite their non-volunteery-ness. What commenced next was quite possibly the most amusing attempts at sneakily eating pizza I have ever seen.

5) Callbacks

I ate a lot of dairy products, didn’t drink much water, and got not much sleep at all the night before call backs. Basically everything you’re not supposed to do.

6) A new cutiepieshnooglebum in my family.

A new cousin, Emmi is someone I can’t wait to meet. Another reason I need to visit the rest of my west coast family.

Emmi would be the small bundle of blankets in the middle. Although you can’t see her face, I guarantee you, she is adorable.

7) Family Bonding Time With Gay Pride

Yesterday we were looking for something to do, since my Dad’s side of the family was in town. (since they live across the country, it’s a bit of a rare occurrence) However it happened, we decided to watch the gay pride parade that was taking place that afternoon. The parade was what I can only guess is a typical her small-ish town pride parade;  rather small, and pretty family friendly. No nudity or anything “risque”, just some people advocating their rights in a friendly, rainbow coloured fashion.

My outlook on life is that if you’re not hurting anyone and you’re happy, good for you! Let’s not judge others and maybe they’ll return the favour and we can all be happy. Some of my visiting family’s views are a bit less liberal though…there were a few awkward silences during our per-parade lunch.

Tonight I’m off to hang out with Murgles, Julianne, and a brand new sock pattern. Life is good.



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