Today’s transitions shall be provided in the form of Llamas.

I’m coming to the point in the summer where I feel like I must shove as much as possible into my remaining time. To quote Calvin and Hobbes, “When you serious about having fun, its not much fun at all.” If  there was a male personification of the season of summer I would be their clingy and completely-smothering-as-per-all-all-the cliches girlfriend.

This being said, summer is not yet over, so please have a happy llama.

The last little bit of my life can more or less be described as “IACT IACT IACT THEATRE DRAMA IACT INTERACTION THEATRE THEATRE REHEARSAL SHOW THEATRE HISTORICAL SHOW THEATRE”. In addition to the short Saint John History Mystery show there is another, rather more serious short historical play that we have been putting together. It’s going to be shown in less than a week, and we still don’t have our full scripts. Needless to say, rehearsals have been a priority as of late.

An amusing side note in the midst of all this rehearsing is that, since everyone has for the most part (with the exception of yours truly, who was cast as the “mid Atlantic ocean, thus giving me an excuse to “swim” around stage to deliver my lines and make awkward mermaid jokes.) been cast as one land mass or another (Canada, New England, Britain, etc.) we are completely reveling in ALL the stereotypes.

I recently got a haircut, leaving me with a refreshingly short pixie. According to three separate hair dressers, I would be a good model for funky hair related stuff. Then again, the standards appear to be that you have to be skinny (thanks there, metabolism), have a certain face (thanks, DNA) and not care what sort of havoc they wreak on your head (thanks, lack of shame). In return I can only assume that you would get money or, at the very least, free hair cuts. Anyways, we’ll see come this fall whether that happens or not. In the meantime I’m enjoying the strange conversations that my new hair length brings about.

Me: Dad, look, when my hair is wet I can make Tintin bangs!

Dad: Um…okay then.

Me: And if I had enough gel I could totally do the stereotypical teenage lesbian fo-hawk!*

Dad:…that’s nice.



It’s been a pretty long while since I last blogged,  so to summarize at least the last couple of days in bullet point:

  • Wearing all black for theatre, while performing outside on a hot day, moving around, going to rehearsal in a stuffy room and then walking around some more.  I felt like a puddle of goo by the end of it.
  • Playing the most surreal game of Jenga in my life.
  • Drinking what was basically sugar-water with chunks of aloe vera in it. It was simultaneously extremely weird and wonderfully delicious.
  • Coming to the realization that I actually un-ironically enjoy Death Metal. Must be the teenager in  me coming out.

On that note…



Enjoy what remains of your summer!


*No offense to those who sport fo-hawks, teenage lesbians, or teenage lesbians sporting fo-hawks.


One thought on “Today’s transitions shall be provided in the form of Llamas.

  1. I’m considering never using indents or new paragraphs ever again, just separating all thoughts by inserting pictures of llamas.

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