Summer so far, amongst other things.

 I sat down to write a post about summer, what I’ve been up to and so on and so forth. Fifteen minutes in I realized that I had just typed up three excellent paragraphs that would serve very well for the body of an essay entitled:

Summer Worries;

An Inside Look at the Inability to Relax With Specific Emphasis on the Education System.

 …I think it would behoove all involved at this moment (most certainly including yours truly) to step back, laugh at me, and move on with enjoying summer. Worrying about school in the middle of summer vacation…can I get a “#IBkidproblems” over here?

 That being said, summer is going well if we ignore my natural tendencies to always find something to stress about.I’m beginning to believe that my spirit animal is Mrs Bennet on steroids, which aside from the ability to make Pride and Prejudice references at will, really isn’t that great of a claim to fame.

 Since summer is approximately half way over (the event that spurred my sudden freak fest) I figure I may as well go over my summer to-do list and see how well things have gone so far. Granted, I realize that the fact that I have a summer to-do list (a lie, I actually have multiple, but this is my virtual one) is slightly ridiculous, much less the fact that I am semi-meticulously attempting to keep track of ticking things off on it.

So then, starting from the top, here goes.

1-Frolic in the grass with gusto on multiple occasions. This has actually happened, and quite often at that. I was fairly sure it would, as me and my friends are the sort of people who A) like to sit in sunbeam warmed grass and B) are often too broke to hang out in Java Moose. (This makes us sound like hippies…much as I love hippies my friends are generally more along the pretentiously hipster side of spectrum, God bless their little record hugging, skinny jeans bedecked hearts.)Image

2-Catch up with the show ‘Community’. This I have completely and utterly failed at, although in my defense this is only because I did this before summer started while I should have been studying for exams. Community is now taking a break, leaving me with nothing to catch up to…however, twenty four hours and the Lord Of The Rings trilogy (extended editions all) spent with Murgles later I feel that my TV fix may be somewhat satiated for the time being.

3-Try  my hand at drawing for a stop motion short. Absolutely nada has happened on this front. Might help if I started with some small steps, like, oh I don’t know, buying batteries for camera so it actually turns on.

4-Either get a part time job or volunteer like crazy and build up a resume for next year. Sadly I’m only wanted at the library for an hour at a time (although that doesn’t stop me from spending prodigious amounts of time there while not volunteering. So far this summer my record has been five visits in under forty eight hours.) to do things like shelve books and write blog posts for their teen blog,  but no matter how small an amount of time spent I can still revel in this new acquisition for my resume. Other things I have been reveling in are the large piles of books that are fighting for the prime position on my bedside table. To say my room has been overtaken wouldn’t be straying too far into exaggeration…

I’ve also been volunteering at I-act, where I suddenly have gained an in-depth understanding for the meaning of “improv” when having to do a series of scenes (already quadruple cast for our group of eight people) with just over half of your people there.  We’re performing scenes excerpted from the first play I did when I joined Iact, “Saint John History Mystery”, which brings back some rather funny memories, to say the least. Theater,  you wacky creature, how I love you so.

A very small portion of an already small (but awesome) group of drama geeks.

5-Stay in touch with people over the summer. Although my annoying super powers of procrastination have kicked in at some points (the all to0 well known “I’ll return that facetime/phonecall/message later” disease) I’m actually quite pleasantly surprised by how much my (generally withered and loner) social life has been busy with cool people.

6-Start writing more for myself again. This has indeed been happening;’ letters,  journals, sketchbooks, the rough first chapters of novels started with friends, and so on. The wonderful feeling that “I don’t have to use a sanctioned format for this!!!” is extremely enjoyable.

7-Expand my vocabulary. If the amount of books read has anything to do with an ability to suavely insert words of multiple  syllables into your everyday speech I would assume that I’m set…

8-Spend plenty of time in my hammock with a craft project and happy music. This has indeed been happening…although it does often happen that the “craft project” is replaced with a book (understandable) or facebook (“to err is human…”). Happy music though is something that I have to spare…David Bowie, Rent, Sufjan Stevens, The Tallest Man On Earth and Animal Collective are a strange but wonderful mixture.

How is your summer going so far,  fair denizen of the interwebs?



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