Fifteen more years.

 A while ago (Quite a while ago, actually. About seven or six months ago.) I threw together a mini list of things I want to do before I turn thirty. A sort of Bucket List, if you will, with the exception that instead of being a list of things I want to do before I meet my (hopefully timely) demise, it’s merely a list of things I want to do before I double my current age. Since I’ve finished the first thing on this list today I thought it was time to upload it to here, for no other reason than “because I can”. A pretty conclusive type of logic, you must admit.

1. Knit myself a sweater.
2. Visit Montreal, New Zealand and Britain.
3.Read the Bible all the way through.
4. Pursue some sort of career that I actually ENJOY.
5. Live completely on my own for at least a month.
6. Have an internet fast.
7. Complete something in Photoshop.
8. Write a story of some  length.
9. Act in something professional-ish.
10. Take singing lessons.
11. Try to blog once a day for an entire month without copping out at the last moment.
12. Be somewhat proficient on at least one musical instrument.
13. Have a greater stock of patience for small children.
14. Have a good relationship with my family.
15. Go to a music festival.
16. Be completely honest for a week.
17. Be the exclusive owner of (at least one) cat.
18. Dive off the really really high diving board.
19. Play Dungeons and Dragons.
20. Watch ‘Across The Universe’.
21. Have a booth at a farmers market and actually make money off of it.
22. Summon up the courage to watch Sweeney Todd.
23. Attend university.
24. Eat in an extremely healthy manner for an extended period of time.
25. Find somebody to sing the anythingyoucandoicandobetter song with me.
26. Learn to properly wolf whistle.
27. Break the habit of cracking my joints. (especially my neck!)
28. Participate in building some kind of cob structure.
29. Make money off of my art.
30. Be outrageously, ridiculously, amazingly in a great headspace for a long stretch of time.

I’m quite sure that more will be added to this list in the future, but for now have fun ogling up the “dreams and hopes of my naive and tender soul”.  (Do me a favor and read the last bit in a sarcastic voice. Thanks!)



7 thoughts on “Fifteen more years.

  1. It’s Rachael! Singy/acty/dancey Rachael that is. May I please please please help with 10, 20, and 25? 😀 Also the numerical perfection of the one I happened to like makes me happy. :3

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