Journalling and Letters

Exactly a year ago is when I first started journalling again. It’s kind of amusing to look back on that entry from July 2, 2011 and see what was going on in my life at that time.

I think my favorite excerpt from the entry would be the following:
I really dislike teenagers in general. However there are teenagers in particular who meet my approval. (jeez, I sound like such a snob!)

As you can tell, there are some antisocial and snotty traits about me that have stuck, for a year at the least.

I love re-reading old journals ( by “love” I mean “often cringing slightly, occasionally laughing at myself and generally just giving up when the angst becomes too potent to slog through any longer”.) as they are like letters to your future self. A rather one-sided, self-interested, biased communication- but then again, that’s kinda the point.

Speaking of letters, I’ve recently started sending mail back and forth snail style. Or, at least, back; as today is a holiday (True patriot love is commanded in the hearts of all who didn’t have to go to work today, I’m sure. As a teenage ingrate the long weekend made no difference to my slothful schedule.) the mail man is taking a well deserved load off in the name of underwhelming fireworks and an excuse to eat cotton candy, and my letter goes undelivered.


Nonetheless, it’s a nice break from things to send things the slow way once in a while. Although I fully appreciate the irony in my statement as I publish virtual letters celebrating the tangible to a virtual space, I refuse to rescind the sentiment.
A little self effacing situational irony is good for the soul anyways- keeps you humble.



5 thoughts on “Journalling and Letters

  1. I agree with your sentiments on teenagers entirely.
    I am amused when reading back over old journal entries…I just fail at writing them in the beginning. But it is amusing to read back over what an idiot I was in 2008 when I actually journalled often.

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