English Nerding Shall Commence

I was warned that as part of IB English next year I will be expected to read the terrifying colossus of literature that is Dicken’s “Great Expectations”. Since hardly any of the grade elevens I know actually finished the book (I have a feeling spark notes and I are going to become well acquainted next year) I thought it would be for the best to get it out of the library and get a head start over the summer. I picked a pretty copy, steeled myself for a long, dry read…and am actually quite enjoying myself. In one day I’ve finished a fifth of the horrendous monster I was warned against- I would have read more but a wild John Green novel appeared.

Oh, Charles, you crazy author who loves to spout off morals nearly as much as you like a good orphan protagonist. Dickens, you silly thing, you!

…So sue me, I love a good eighteenth century book.

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