The last two weeks made me remember stuff.

Mostly just stuff about myself, because I’m an egotistical little twerp like that. It’s funny, the things that give you a sense of deja vu while you’re studying for exams/writing exams/living life/rejoicing in the warmness of sunshine. Things remembered include:

  • I sunburn really easily. I am a pale, pale, pale ghost who rarely ventures out of her gloom cavern because when she does she always forgets to apply sunscreen. Now I am a pale ghost with legs that are all red on one side from where the sun did it’s work while I was stationary for hours on end. (I will admit, the contrast of lobster red to phantom white is pretty amusing, if slightly painful.)
  • I have no life whatsoever. This was realized when I was filling out the hours I can volunteer at the library (The whole getting a summer job plan kinda fell through…it’s kinda too late now. I’m just gonna’ volunteer everywhere instead and make my resume look fancy for next year.) and for the life of me couldn’t think of a single social event that would conflict with me selling my soul to the librarians.
  • I really like kooky dead artists. So much so that I’ll spend large amounts of time painting “forgeries” of their work for art exams.



(apologies for the crappy pictures, by the way. I-pod cameras are convenient, but far from great quality, especially when paired with  the deadly combination of bad florescent lighting.)

  • David Bowie “fills my heart with love today”.
  • Exams are never as bad as you think they will be.
  • Stressing for exams is always as bad as you think it will be.
  • When I’m nervous I stress eat. When I’m really stressed I barely eat at all because food makes me feel like puking. Needless to say, exam week introduced me to some fairly weird eating patterns. (Nope, I don’t have any eating disorders, despite how suspicious this sounds! Normally I can eat like a horse, no matter my mood. Stress just tends to affect me strangely.)
  • Rehearsing monologues is fun. Although since I have been leaving my bedroom window open due to the nice weather I’m kinda sorry for our poor neighbours who have to put up with my audible nattering on about how “the boy love is  perjured everywhere”, “nor is my life important” and how “I am so much better than before”.

And on that thespian note…


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