Precipitation Makes Me Pensive

Today is a tired, lazy, rainy kind of day. The sort of day that should be spent with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. Sadly, school so far has not offered me either of these rainy day ‘necesseties’.

It’s not even nine thirty in the morning, and already my morning has been full of:

  • Wet, damp, watery ick. After a week of this weather I am so very ready for it to be nice again.
  • Complimenting somebody on their boobs…then realizing that the conversation topic was on her necklace closure. Not her chest.
  • Gently banging my head against a locker/various people. It’s my personal, more frustrated, version of facepalming.
  • Going over my commentary that is due today, feeling very happy that it was written and printed off over twenty four hours ahead of the due date (it’s the small victories.), and realizing that no matter how many times I read it I will still be proud of myself for integrating a quote from “Brave New World” into the introduction (it really is the very small victories.).
  • Pondering the likelihood of my voice randomly deciding to die before choir today. (Curse the young porcupines who like to randomly use my throat as their playground’s slide.)
  • Looking over the shoulder of my classmate, since she found an Online Dictionary Of British Slang. It’s beautiful. These also go on my list of “words that I need to integrate into casual conversation more often”.
  • Listening to Sufjan Stevens while getting ready for school, but then deciding that it was “too early for so many emotions”.

Today is one of those days where I keep thinking it’s Friday…but then I remember it isn’t. However, then I think about how I have a packet of hot chocolate and a fresh haul from the library (“The Lovely Bones”, anyone?) waiting for me at home. Sugar and literature tend to make Fridays that are actually Thursdays more survivable.


2 thoughts on “Precipitation Makes Me Pensive

  1. Doing a project for Fine Arts on Sufjan Stevens to annoy the people in the class, who seem to be mostly of the pop music listening variety. I’m also considering putting “Impossible Soul” as my song for the class to listen to. Trololololol.

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