Because I need more happy to-do lists.

I have always been a fan of to-do lists. They give me a victorious feeling when I check things off. Unfortuantely the majority of my to-do lists consist of ‘homework, blog, take library books back, GO TO BED EARLY’, which is far from interesting. So, in the interest of being interesting, I’ve decided to make a to-do list that does not stress me out, bore the living daylights out of me with it’s humdrum tasks, or cause me to quake in my shoes due to it’s sheer overwhelming size. After all, after exams I’m going to have a strange thing called ‘free time’, and I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with myself.

(yes, I realize I’ve reached the point where I make to-do lists to schedule fun. That’s okay, yesterday I was squeeing over literary devices while writing a commentary. When I’ve reached the point where I fangirl over homework there really is nowhere I can go but up.)

  1. Frolic in the grass with gusto on multiple occasions. (having people I enjoy being frolicking in said grass with me is a very viable option.)
  2. Catch up with the show ‘Community’. Completely revel in the satisfaction of spending so much time on the nonsensical, lazy habit that is chainwatching television episodes.
  3. Try  my hand at drawing for a stop motion short. It’s something I’ve been wanting to try for a while, and I’ve finally got some simple story ideas floating around in my brain that just seem ‘right’.
  4. Either get a part time job or volunteer like crazy and build up a resume for next year.
  5. Stay in touch with people over the summer; both  my family across the country and my friends here who are (obviously) rather easier to schedule hanging out with.
  6. Start writing more for myself again. IB English class has been an edifying but slightly soul draining undertaking, and I’d love to get into the habit of actually writing things because I want to as opposed to I have to.
  7. Start using more of the words found in this comment thread.
  8. Spend plenty of time in my hammock with a craft project and happy music.

On the note of happy music, please have some Fleet Foxes, and may your day be blithefully salubrious to a near ludicrious extent.



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