Broadcasting from tech class, where it’s Monday and I’m tired. Nothing new here.

Our tech teacher is forcing his music taste upon us…sadly I can’t take “Lady In Red” seriously after having watched certain Doctor  Who parodies.

Last week was our last full five day week of school until our impending exams. On the one hand, any mention of exams throws me into a minor panic attack. On the other hand, four day weekend in just few days, YES PLEASE.

Last night I had three different conversations about the; yumminess of 100% wool yarn, what kind of bread I would prefer to be (ended up settling with 12 grain) and the awesomeness of kittens, respectively. I like to use social media working tools for important things…

I got the house to myself for twenty four hours over the weekend, which was pretty sweet. Me being me, I did rebellious things like eating sugar toast, listening to disney songs, playing music loudly with my bedroom door open and using my ipod and the family laptop at the same time.

I think my family may be adopting a new cat. As in, “look there’s a cat in my house and people are arguing about possible names” adopting. Between this new addition to my household and my Mom’s new cat I feel that ALL MY HOPES AND DREAMS ARE BEING FULFILLED. (never too early to start my crazy cat lady training my dears, never too early.)*

And on that note of fluffy happiness,


*Fun fact: as I finished typing this one of the guys in my tech class just went on a rant about how much he hates cats. I hope his back felt that fully deserved wrathful glare.


5 thoughts on “Thought-Spew

  1. Don’t fret over exams. We don’t need to acknowledge the imminent suffering hanging over us. Think: several days of suffering, than months of SUMMER.

    This summer my family went camping for a weekend without me because I had to work (one of the many bad things of working at a church) and I’m curious what my neighbours thought of “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” being blasted on repeat at random times of the day and night. #Thuglife

    I will suggest Xena for the new cat, unless it is a male cat, in which case I suggest Walter. Just my two cents worth. I think about this stuff often.

  2. How about Waldo for a cat name? As in Where’s Waldo when there’s cat poo on your bed. Or Where’s Waldo when there’s a dead mouse in your shoe…etc., etc. Also, don’t want to burst your bubble but you are to sane to be a crazy cat lady. On the whole matter of exams. You always stress and turn into a maniacal teen freak and then get over the top marks. You’re like the girl who cried wolf. People are just not responding with the sympathy you once elicited. Suck it up, study and go ace your exams wonder child.

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