Random Thoughts and Photographic Tomfoolery

Having succesfully put off bringing home any books for the past three days I’ve reached the harsh and unfriendly conclusion that, since I know I won’t have any free time over the weekend, the next two nights are going to be study nights. (I do realize that by typing these words I have immediately earned the hate of every person with a larger work load than me. Please, dear stressed readers, don’t fret. I will be swamped just as much as you very shortly.)

I’m starting to feel that I should be freaking out soon…I have a science test on monday as well as an oral presentation (three person group in which one person has done absoloutely no work for a presentation that is going to be worth a large amount of our history marks.). I also have two English presentations that I need to begin stressing over soon, one of which is going to be very offensive (my partner and I are writing a short story called ‘The Prostitute’s Tale’. Please, dear relatives, do not disown me.) and the other of which is probably going to comprise of me doing all the work (I hate having my partner assigned for projects.) for yet another oral presentation that has a lot of weight with which way our marks lean.

In addition to all this, there’s only about another month until exams, I need to start thinking about a summer job (I really don’t want to work at Timmies, but job opportunities in Saint John do not seem to be very friendly for your average fifteen year old.), I’m already worrying about next year’s classes, etc ,etc.


Funny, I’ve decided to try and stress less…let’s see how that goes…

Fortunately my life is not entirely composed of stress…there is always reading (‘The Jungle’, by Upton Sinclair), music (Sufjan Stevens, Animal Collective and the Arctic Monkeys. My music taste is being corrupted by my pretentious hipster friends.) and other ‘artsy-fartsy’ outlets, my current obsession being photography.

Over the last week or so I’ve been playing around with the shutter speeds on my camera, with fairly pleasing results.,,

And then, just to top off all of my angsty shutter speed image shenanigans, I decided to experiment with a little light painting:

Between my camerafuntimes-exploits and the music I have been listening to lately, I feel equal parts pretentious and artsy.


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts and Photographic Tomfoolery

  1. you are quite brilliant. the perfect combo of both your lovely parents and their many talents combined…only you’re cooler than both of them…don’t tell them I said that 🙂

  2. The ghost pictures are sketching me out a bit.

    Last year for the Canterbury Tales project I wrote a tale called “The Pirate’s Tale.” It was a lovely tale of a Somalian pirate with a gambling addiction who in the end hit an iceberg. My partner wrote the end, so when I got it I repeated out loud a few times,”The Somalian pirate hit an iceberg,” until he realized the location of most icebergs in relation to Somalia. When your tale is done, I would greatly appreciate seeing how it turned out.

  3. The Prostitute’s Tale? Seriously? How, exactly, are you coming by the details for this short endeavor? Do I want to know? Should I be stressing? Worrying? Praying fiendishly? Planning an intervention? All of the above? (sigh) I don’t know if I want to read the finished work or not. And (horrors of horrors) what if you get an “A”. I’ll have to be hospitalized or at the very least sedated. Maybe you shouldn’t share some of these aspects of your life and leave your grandparents in their little make believe world.

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