Weekend Summary:



I finally got the hair cut I’ve been threatening to get for a long while.

  • NeilGaiman. A lot of Neil Gaiman. If you’re up for a good read and are okay with a bit of mind scarring I would highly reccomend Amerian Gods.
  • Started the third season of community. It’s beautiful.
  • Friday can be pretty much summed up by this gif of Abed:


  • Woke up at a time that shouldn’t have to exsist on weekends.
  • Ran off to the aMAZEatorium, an event held at harbor station, to be Michaleangelo for the day.
  • Nine and a half hours of standing in uncomfortable shoes and telling children that I had to shave my beard off because I got paint in it while I was painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel later I was very tired. I would totally do it again. But I was very very very tired.
  • That being said, with my Michaeleangelo costume and my new haircut I felt like peter pan. This makes me happy. I like being peter pan.

  • Probably my favorite part was when one of the little girls told me, “Hey, you’re actually a girl! Tee-hee!”
  • Saturday summary via gif:


  • I read,
  • I played with yarn,
  • I lazed in a hammock,
  • I listened to this ridiculously long song;
  • and I wasted time on the internet. This really shouldn’t surprise anyone.
  • (I also briefly did homework, but I’m trying to block the memory.)
  • Sunday gif summary:

2 thoughts on “Weekend Summary:

  1. Happy gifs are happy. There is a special place in my gif folder for them, to be unearthed at the most appropriate moment.

    I still think it’s hilarious that you were hired to be Michelangelo. Brilliant casting, whoever decided that. I am trying to picture the conversation: “You know who would be a great Michelangelo? Kaelen. She will just be able to embody Michelangelo like no one else.”

    Sufjan Stevens was highly suggested to me by the incredibly hipster people I sat with on the bus (aka, Reeves and Will). On a slight tangent, I think they get progressively more hipster/pretentious with sleep deprivation the same way I get progressively more angry.

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