Some Sleepy Thoughts

I woke up this morning ten minutes before my alarm went off, felt full of zest, and decided to sleep the extra little bit. My alarm went off, of course fatigue hit, and I felt that after turning my alarm off closing my eyes and rolling over was the correct way to intiate the waking up process. Thirty five minutes later my Mom woke me up and I pulled my jeans and suspenders on like something that pulls on jeans and suspenders really really fast.*

I stayed up late last night out at Taco Pica watching a bunch of cool bands (EarthBound Trio, Jinx The Cat and the Ascot Royals) and slowly overcoming the inhibitions of dancing sober as everyone around me became increasingly tipsy. (Either you’re drunk to the point of not caring who judges you or everyone else is drunk to the point of not judging you. I chose the latter option.)

Somebody at Taco Pica brought their knitting (a sock made out of self striping yarn, most likely made out of ZauberBall from what I could tell in the low light enviroment) and it made me happy that I’m not the only strange one out there.


*Are there creatures who have this specific talent imprinted into their DNA? Like a EanjayEndersuspay?


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