a simple past tense and past participle of spring.”
Looking forward to:
  • Relaxing in my new (self sewn) hammock.
  • Ignoring the fact that said hammock was made out far too stretchy a material, and as such I nearly am sitting on whatever surface the hammock is hung over whenever I get in. I really don’t care. It’s cozy, I don’t need much more to satisfy me.
  • Completely mutilating Regina Spektor and the Beatles as I try to play songs not meant for the guitar on the guitar.
  • The Hunger Games movie. I thouroughly appreciate that it will most likely be nowhere as good as the books. I  also understand that the casting is fairly unsatisfactory. All this said the ticket (which, yes my dear Murgles, I do need to pay you back for. ;P ) is currently placed in my ‘items of extreme value’ pile.
  • It would seem that the peolple with actual music taste in my Tech class are getting control of the music…perhaps this may mean the end of being assured that “I’m sexy and I know it.” If this actually does happen I could see my mornings becoming extrememly pretentious and a lot more enjoyable.
  • Adventuring around Uptown. The best part of the whole spring being sprung (carefully ignoring the freak snowstorm we suffered the other day) is that the whole idea of ‘being outside’ is suddenly a lot more enjoyable for people like me who don’t particularly care to be freezing.
  • Course selections for next fall. I’m one part looking forward to this, one part dreading it. On the one hand I’m really looking forwards to things like IB art and ‘real’ IB English and History (as opposed to pre-IB). On the other hand anything that has to do with making decisions that will affect my future has the potential to stress me out. Saying words like ‘University’ and ‘Actual Jobs That Pay Real Money’ around me tend to leave me a anxious little ball of non-springy nerves.

And on that note…

(How I do love the images that end up on my Tumblr dash so.)

4 thoughts on “Sprung

  1. So basically your hammock is a blanket that turns up on the ends? This is how many of my sewing projects turn out. I advise you to shrug, smile knowingly, and say I planned it that way. I didn’t want it to be like everyone elses. As far as your courses go, don’t sweat it. If you get stressed that’s because you’re afraid. Seriously, what do you have to be afraid of? As far as courses go, there are no wrong choices. Do what will make you happiest. God likes it when we are happy. You will know what to do career wise when the time comes. In the meantime enjoy the journey.

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