March Break Accomplishments

  1. Went on a magical adventure of rain that left me soaked but with some cool stuff in my bag and a lighter wallet. (A metaphorically lighter wallet, at any rate. I’m pretty sure my debit card doesn’t actually lose weight when I spend money, although a tactile warning sign for when my bank account is getting low would actually be really nice. Science? Step on it.) You can read Miss Murgle’s account of the adventure that left us completely soaked right here, which I would really advise you to do because her blog is awesome and can always make me laugh.
  2. Managed to eat spaghetti in a white shirt and not stain it. For me this is a big deal. I can’t eat food in nice clothes and not ruin it- it’s some sort of karma thing. I must have been the Genghis Khan of pasta in some past life.
  3. I have finished the second season of Sherlock. Which was amazing. I cried, although not as hard as I cried for:
  4. Watching Dancer in the Dark. I find it no coincidence that after having watched this movie I have been listening to more than my regular quota of Radiohead- I’m pretty sure Bjork nearly killed my ability to feel any emotion but sadness.
  5. Reorganize my room…to some extent. It’s a uphill excruciating battle of ‘2 steps forward 1.9999 steps back’.
  6. I’ve acted at least ten years more immature than I actually am, with dressing up, pillow fights, serious discussions over the logistics of building a pillow fort, belting Broadway numbers at random moments and, of course, revelling in the success of not staining my shirt when eating.
  7. Considering a summer job, which leads to thoughts of getting a resume, getting a social insurance number, going through annoying name-type procedures that should have been dealt with thirteen years ago and playing the ‘where is (insert important piece of ID here)???’ game. And of course, this must all take place before I can even begin to look for a job.
  8. Realization that I have 25% chance of being a complete idiot has taken hold. I got a call from the optometrist’s office a couple of months ago telling me that my contacts were recalled. Me being me, I took note of the message, had good intentions to call back and ask exactly what sort of things had been happening to my eyes for the last eight months…and then proceeded to completely forget until I reached the end of my contacts supply. Apparently the office buys that particular type of contacts from four different contact lenses factories. One of these companies put something nasty (silicon, I believe???) in their contacts, meaning that the contacts that I have been wearing for nearly a year have a 25% chance of containing all sorts of nasty gunk that really shouldn’t have been rubbed against my eyeballs. 
  9. I’ve thrown my sleep schedule completely off. Thank you internet. The worst of it is that I’m not actually doing anything on the internet- I just feel morally obligated to stay up late since I don’t have to be anywhere in the morning.
  10. I helped out at I-act today, organizing props and costumes. In between the moving around of crates were lot’s of sentimental ‘hey, I wore that dress once’ and ‘hey, you wore that dress once’, and ‘hey (insert boy name here) wore that dress once’. At the end of moving crates around we were rewarded with cupcakes (AKA manna from heaven) and I rushed around to take pictures with props from old plays.

Nothing like a good mummified cat to brighten your day.


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