Things Done This weekend:

Books read:

  • Just finished ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell. Fun fact, Orwell’s actual name was Eric Arthur Blair. Learned this because my Social Studies teacher, Mr Theobald, who loves to go off on half hour long tangents about cars and Germany and boarding schools in the middle of class, told us to look it up for homework. In case you couldn’t tell, Mr Theobald is awesome, despite (or perhaps because of) how little work we actually get done in that class.
  • Currently reading ‘Interview With the Vampire’ by Anne Rice. Good, but the father-daughter relationship between Claudia and Louis is creepily pedo. ‘Cause nothing screams ‘vampire’ like twisted adoptive relationships!

Creativity wise:

  • I finished a pair of mittens that got cast on Thursday night. Fun fact, none of my teacher’s cared that I knit through all of my classes. (almost- we were working with clay in Art, and I didn’t particularly want to make my yarn dirty.) Mr Theobald didn’t even look my way when I dropped my yarn on the floor and had to chase it. I told you he was awesome.

  • Β Last night I was feeling glum, so I painted a sketch from over three months ago and listened to the Smiths. By the end of ‘The Queen is Dead’ I had some art finished and a better mood. Who knew that angst could be productive?

Social Situations Not Avoided:

  • Went to the I-act coffee house on friday night. It was a good time, although I was kinda kicking myself that I didn’t go the Saint John High coffee house the night before, since it was apparently really great. Shoulda, woulda, coulda. Ah well. Next month.
  • FreeSchool! To sum up, the idea of freeschool is a whole bunch of people gathering together to share their knowledge and skills in workshop settings, eat food, meet like minded individuals, all for free. Gotta love the people who volunteer and put so much work into these things. Yesterday was my second time attending, and I enjoyed myself, although I did end up showing up a bit late. Staying up till one journaling and listening to Grizzly Bear will slow down a person’s morning.

Random Stuff:

  • Internetting, as per my usual forms of time wasting.
  • Sleeping in, waking up to my Dad playing Enya, with sunshine coming in my window and breakfast already made.
  • Presents were bought for my younger brother’s impending fifth birthday. Silly Putty, colorful bubble mix and straws that flavor your beverages. I kinda want to keep all of the items I picked out for him, and I don’t know quite what that says about me.

6 thoughts on “Things Done This weekend:

  1. What was the Animal Farm book about?
    I read a book called Animal Farm but it was by George Orwell. I didn’t like it….much. It was okay, I guess.
    And the mitties are beautiful….and so is the sketch πŸ™‚ You’re so talented….

      • Yes. Much better book. I think it’s his best book. I was just wondering because you said in the post that it was by Orson Scott Card and I wasn’t sure who he was πŸ˜›
        I read it two years in a row for English. Those courses should really ditch the overlaps πŸ˜€

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