Gifs, the best way to express emotions.

So far my evening has consisted of:

  • Playing the guitar in the dark.
  • Journaling.
  • Helping my siblings build a blanket fort.
  • Wasting copious amounts of time on the internet.
  • Eying my new yarn and the silly teenage girl  book I’m currently struggling through (dear main characters in novels aimed at my age/gender demographic: there is more to life than sucking face. Trust me on this one.) meaningfully. On the one hand I really hate stereotypical teenage girl literature- on the other hand I need to find out if the albino dies or not.
  • Attempting to ignore the impending science review that needs to happen tonight. Because reviewing science makes me feel like expressing myself through Sheldon gifs.

Sheldon expresses my socially awkward anti social nerd side so well. (ignoring the fact that if I had his intelligence I wouldn’t find myself dread my impending biology test.)


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