Thank God It’s The Weekend


I have no recollection of the details, but I remember being happy.



Sang creepy songs about how children are evil personified and hissed at people like a deranged cat. You know, the usual I-act experience.


The day started off well…and then something mysteriously happened during my two hours of after-school chillaxing in the hammock that left me a tired, bitter, grouchy old woman. Not a clue what turned on my grouch switch, but the result was that my sensors that tell me what to say and what not to say got turned off, with interesting results.(Thankfully the fatigue was stronger than my vocabulary, so although I continued to say insulting things Margie was the only one who could decipher my ‘Kaelen-speak’.)


Spent my precious luncheon hour with Miss Murgles, Miss J, and Miss Mo. We ice skated in a sketchy south-end park, met a Polydactyl Cat and went cupcake hunting.

T’was an hour well spent.


Who's a wee wittle mitten feetsies kitty?

Awesome sauce Polydactyl kitty, that's who.












Today was the day of receiving homework, attempting to wrap my head around the concept of actually having a commentary finished by Thursday and not dying, rejoicing over the impending weekend, and so on and so forth.


Weekend plans:

  • Homework. C’est la vie.
  • Chillaxing.
  • Wasting time on my new Tumblr account.
  • Hanging with assorted cool people.
  • Possibly going on a thrift store adventure if the weather plays nice.
  • Possibly going on a movie adventure if the weather plays nice.
  • Pondering the concept of maybe thinking about the futile effort of cleaning my room.

3 thoughts on “Thank God It’s The Weekend

  1. I agree, it is futile to clean your room. I know I gave it my best shot and failed dismally. Oh well, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

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