A bit of random to make your day stranger?

I swear my blog hasn’t been abandoned- I simply haven’t been able to think of anything interesting enough to write about. I tried a meme, but my answers were neither thought provoking nor embarrassing enough to be interesting to anyone. And I was considering a post of geeky pickup lines but I could only come up with three.

(For the record I think my favorite remains:

“Is that the legendary Scepter of Magma who was King of the Mountain, Smiter of Thousands, Yea, Even Tens of Thousands, Ruler of the Golden River, Master of the Bridges, Delver in Dark Places, Crusher of Many Enemies, in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?”

Terry Pratchett, you dog.)

Basically, right now my attempts at posting have left me saying “nerf” with an air of annoyance as I pull at my hair. (Yes. I pull at my hair when frustrated as per the cliche. Generally it stays in my head though.)

At any rate, things over in my life have been going more or less as per the normal. My Grandmother came over for a visit, and seeing as this doesn’t happen very often (having the entirety of Canada in-between you and your extended family tends to make visits a bit difficult to arrange.) it was nice having her here. She left this morning at the ungodly time of four in the morning. (I staggered out of bed to say goodbye to her, patted her on the back, went back to bed and woke up two hours later realizing that she’d already left. I don’t operate well in the mornings.)

Today was spent making sure my siblings didn’t cause any (irreversible) damage to themselves, each other or the house, reading Orson Scott Card (‘Lost Gate’ and ‘Ender in Exile’. I preferred the latter, mostly because the plot was better and it had amusing situations with geniuses experiencing puberty.), and listening to Regina Spektor’s album ‘Soviet Kitsch’ repeatedly.

( I think this may very well be one of my favorite songs of the album. A quick warning, the language isn’t exactly the cleanest.)

A random thought that I’m going to throw out into the magical internet land of blog-etty: are there any questions that anyone wants me to answer? I was pondering the possibilities of people writing random questions they want me  to answer in the comment section of the blog, and then I would do sort of a ‘answers type post’. If you really couldn’t care less what my answers would be then for heaven’s sake don’t bother to ask. It’s a free country. (actually, there are a million conspiracy theorists who would love to contradict me on that point, but I feel that’s not really a pot I want to take the lid off of.)

Tomorrow is a new day of school. Man. My school schedule has been completely thrown off, since life sort of went:

  • long huge christmas break of being anti social
  • cramming like a crazy person for exams
  • not quite huge but still long break of actually  hanging out with people
  • two days of school
  • weekend
  • now

…and this is not exactly the five days a week schedule that is normally implemented.

Of course, I really shouldn’t get so complacent, I have a ‘nice’ long steady haul in front of me until March Break.

Looking at it like this it really hasn’t been very long since I started school and it already feels normal. I’m not quite sure if I like that or not.



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