Today was started off ignoring my little sister throwing a temper tantrum two feet away from my tired carcass as I desperately tried to sleep in. I feel that getting up at nine was hardly a fair compromise. (The feeling you get when your siblings have to go to school and you don’t almost makes up for the tantrums. Almost, but not quite.)

After copious amounts of youtube intake I actually did two things on my weekend list: Reviewed math. (An entire afternoon’s worth of studying. I even oddly enjoyed factoring complex trimonials, which I never would have  thought possible when I was learning them.), and cleaned my room. Not beautifully spotless, but good enough. (anybody want to place a bet on how long it will stay in that condition?)

To sum up my weekend plans:

  • Study for exams.
  • Review for exams .
  • Cram for exams.
  • Be annoyed by the ever increasing length of my hair. When I first cut my hair I wasn’t planning on keeping it short, but now that it’s reached the unpleasant shaggy almost-a-bob stage I can’t wait to get my hair cut.

  • Adventure uptown. (I really doubt that adventuring uptown counts as a hobby, but if it did I would probably be considered quite adept at it.)
  • Finally watch the new season of Sherlock. Gleeful squeeing optional.
  • Knit something with the pretty yarn that Miss Murgles aka Mozart Nerd gave me for my birthday.

Is there anything you are particularly looking forward to this weekend? Or dreading? Or just feel positively one hundred percent evenly neutral about?


2 thoughts on “Nerf-Derf

  1. Beth is making me gravy and roast tomorrow night. I know that sounds boring but remember I’m pregnant, and gravy is all I want. So I’m pretty pumped about that.
    I’m also going to sucker your uncle Ray into helping clear the right side of the crawl space so we can build that crazy awesome playroom I’ve always talked about. I think it could be fun.

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