A Very School-ish Post

Sooooo….it’s currently four minutes after one in the morning and I’m skipping school tomorrow (Not because I’m rebellious, because school tomorrow is only for those who could use tutorials or are writing their ELPA’s.), which means that I can sleep in in the morning. And what better to do with my time than blog post?

I have no idea how this blog post is going to turn out though, seeing as today is now technically tomorrow (Also, my blog is probably going to lie about the time I publish this post. I don’t know why it tends to be a couple hours off, it’s just mean like that.), so hopefully this post is semi-coherent to people not drunk on the sweet nectar of exhaustion.

Today was the last ‘official’ day of the semester. We have tomorrow, which as I have explained, doesn’t really count, the weekend, and then exams. Am I very nervous for my very first very real, very live exams? Yep. I’ll survive though (probably).

I chose to exempt my English exam (probably a good idea seeing as I’ve never really learned how to write a commentary, and learning on the fly when I have two hours to make up about twenty five percent of my mark doesn’t seem like something a smart person would do.), which means I have to do Social studies (I enjoy history to the point of stupidly doing more work than I really should for this class. I’m either going to come prepared for this class and completely pass this exam or I’m going to come cockily thinking that I actually have some idea what I’m doing and have my *rear end* handed to me on a silver platter.), Math (A class I’m enjoying, strangely enough. Also, the same two possible futures that apply to social studies apply to my math exam.) and Science. (The exam I should really review the most for, yet have been putting off reviewing since if I have to review something I’d rather it be math or social studies.)

The class I’m going to mourn the loss of the most is my English class. I loved my teacher, found my classmates cool, and (for the most part) enjoyed the subjects. (Romeo and Juliet- well…I enjoyed studying the play. Just wanted to smack the horny adolescent crybaby main characters in the face.). This coming semester both social studies and English get funneled into what everybody considers to be a useless class, cultural foundations. I don’t get to keep either of my teachers from English or Social Studies, which makes me sad since they’re both pretty cool.

The class I am absolutely positively one hundred percent and without a single faint little old doubt wonderfully excited to say goodbye to would be science. Fun Fact for you: at my school we don’t have grade nine science. Grade nine students just skip over their science and move on straight to grade ten science. Which means that if you are a grade ten transfer student you get to do all grade ten courses- except you have to spend your first semester in a grade nine science class. I love grade nines. Many of my dear friends are grade nines. But the niners in my science class (especially the boys) were probably some of the most racist, sexist, dirty-minded,homophobic and all around lazy people I have had the horror of meeting.This coming semester I will be doing biology eleven (except…wait for it…it’s biology for tenth graders!) next semester, and I. Am. So. Happy!

(I do realize that writing all this down makes me sound like a complete snob who sticks her nose up at everyone and everything. I would like to assure you that this is fairly untrue, and in day to day life I am a more or less decent person. I just really dislike that class, and as my blog you get to feel the pain of my venting. Please feel free to browse through the venting if you’d rather.)

On another note, I realized today that for someone who self-professes to be extremely un-musical I’m sort of (although not entirely) proving myself wrong. I’ve been teaching myself guitar over the last couple of months (with…interesting, if not necessarily melodic, results.) and as of today I’ve joined my school choir. The long story short behind me joining choir would probably go a little like this:

  • A bunch of my friends told me to join choir.
  • I decided to follow their and advice and to try to join choir for the coming semester.
  • My friends got me into choir today without telling me.
  • I was randomly told, “Oh, hey, you’re in choir now! You should come to practice after school today!”
  • So I came, had a good time despite the fact I didn’t really know what I was doing, and am really happy I’m a part of it!

I’m afraid I really don’t have anything else to say to you. But seeing as it’s nearly two in the morning that may be for the good.

Goodnight? Good morning?



6 thoughts on “A Very School-ish Post

  1. Wow! It looks like school has taken over your life. I’m sure you will do exceptionally well since you are an exceptional child (good genes and all). Study for your science since it all counts in the long run. Studying is like eating your peas. It’s good for you and it’s just better to get it over with. Your admiring fan…

  2. Everybody gets put in a bad 9th grade class. Just be glad it was one class, as opposed to ten. *pretentiously puts nose up at you*

  3. All the best on your exams, Kaelen. Remember to deep-breathe when you
    feel the stress.
    Glad to hear you joined the choir, especially when you have friends in it
    as well. Choirs can be fun.

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