My dear friends, small children, and assorted limbs,

I do apologize that I have been using bullet point format so much lately. I promise that I will write a nice blog post with paragraphs and everything one of these days. But it is not this day. (points if you get the reference.)

And so. My addiction  love for the humble bullet point shall be expressed, as I love to write in list format, and even more so I love to not write in english proper as work of school makes me tired of this whole writing proper doodle ma thingy.

Now then…

  • Exams exams exams, GAH! I think I might just have a little bitty bit of freak out induced panic type thing that is all pent up inside and is going to pop sometime soon in a very noisy mess of Kaelen Stress. Hopefully no bystanders will be injured.
  • However, I kind of have a tendency to stress out over things a riduclouss amount. Like the other day where I had a mini freak out about University, except the mini freak out was spread out over a 24 hour space. (yeah. I’m fifteen. Grade ten. I’m stressing over uni. This is a perfectly valid fear.)
  • On the non stressful side of things, I have I-act for the first time in exactly a month today! Very happy about that! Approximately half an hour until I get to go play happy improv games in a room full of people who I may or may not know.
  • And now ’tis time to go eat soup.

What an odd post this has been. Random much? Ah well, love you too.



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