“Idle Meanderings Of A Wannabe Optimist”

(post title sardonically generated by: this generator right over here)

My weekend is going to/has so far consist(ed) of:

  • Iact coffee house last night. Beautiful time. I have a bunch of talented friends, and they have talented friends, and their friends friends are talented. And when all these people preform together they make this little explosion of talent under the impressively high roof of the  Sanctuary Theater. Happens every month, costs five bucks, is a thing you should check out if you live in the saint john area and like to listen to hipster kids sing.
  • Semi-cleaning my room so that I once again have something resembling habitable. I’m not a hoarder- I just find the sentimental meaning in objects from two years ago! I’ve discovered that the Petshop Boys make for very good cleaning music. (same goes for the Smiths)

  • Finding out that I need to teach myself physics over the weekend, in addition to my social studies homework. It’s nearly one in the afternoon on Saturday and I still haven’t’ started.

Shall we darlings?


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