Let me ‘splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

How did my first ever real live christmas break/fifteenth birthday go you ask?

Why, (more-or-less) fanfreakingtabulous, thanks for asking!

An example of a birthday spent well.

My birthday, I will admit, I was not something I was looking forward to especially, but once it actually happened I had a good time. The morning was a mix between the realization that I should help clean my extremely messy house and helping to clean my extremely messy house. The afternoon I spent with my friends walking around uptown (basically if somebody ever asks me what I want to do with my spare time the answer is “Let’s go adventure uptown!!”) and at my (clean!) house watching such things as Tim Burton’s big fish (I’ve professed my love for that movie on this blog before.)and playing truth or dare. (which is how I learned that I apparently have nice legs. Hey, I’m not going to complain!)

As for christmas break, it started off well, and got boring after approximately six days. I spent most of my break as an anti-social hermit, hiding out in my room with my best friend the internet. By the end of it I was quite ready to go back to school. Which I was supposed to do today- but seeing as I woke up yesterday with an eye infection (Why hello there pink eye! I thought you were supposed to be an elementary school type of thing?) today was a ‘laze in bed with my extremely unflattering-but-cozy-flannel-yellow-penguin-pajama-bottoms-and-mismatched-shirt’ type of day There may have been some watching of certain Disney acapella mashups. (there always is.)

Good points of Christmas Break:

  • Going to see Tintin, which I dressed up for (I make one fine European reporter), for which there is sadly no photographic evidence.
  • Adventuring! around uptown (and, yes, you pronounce the exclamation point.) two days in a row.
  • Certain acapella disney mashup videos, such as this one:

  • And this (not acapella, but most certainly disney mashup) one:

  • Clarification that, yes, my life is awesome.
  • Actually living out my childhood dream of buying over-the-top amounts of candy at one time in one place. (Long story short, you have to spend gift certificates for Freak Lunchbox at one time. Ten dollars worth of bulk candy is a lot of bulk candy.) The sad side to this story is that being forced to buy ton of candy is not as fun at it would seem to a nine year old me, and since I apparently have no self control the candy was eaten in two days-ish. The sugar crash was terrible.
  • Sleeping over at Mozart Nerd‘s house.
  • The relief of wearing glasses after over a week of them sitting sadly forgotten at Mozart Nerd’s house. There is a reason the optometrist’s tell you not to wear your contacts all the time.
  • The youth group new years fun time out thingy. Despite the fact that it was held at the Elders hall in Macey’s Bay (or perhaps because of?) it was a good time!
  • Receiving THIS tee-shirt as a birthday gift from THIS lovely aunt.
  • And, while we’re on the matter of doctor who, the doctor who christmas special. Not as good as a new season, but a nice taste nonetheless.

Good evening chickadees!



3 thoughts on “Let me ‘splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

  1. Sounds like life is good. Are you over your eye infection yet? All night youth group sounds fun…except for the all night part (I like my sleepy time) and the youth part (too much energy express at top speed and top volume) otherwise count me in for the good times…I’ll be there with my walker. I like the t-shirt. Your aunty has good taste and can always be counted on for good fashion sense.

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