Time to play ‘random fact catchup’. Now with extra bullet points!

As usual, when I’m off the computer and away from the internet I have all sorts of beautiful ideas for blog posts. Really, if I was to post every single idea that went through my head I would have a well rounded, frequently updated blog. Actually, I lie, I would have a odd, updated annoyingly often with short posts that only give you random scraps of mostly useless information blog.

At any rate, this is a  lead in to me using bullet points in a last ditch effort to categorize my thought process in some way, manner, or form.

Here we go.

  • I’m coming to the conclusion that I can predict the future through my dreams. Not all the time mind you, but my dreams have been freakishly similar to my life for a couple weeks. A good example would be the appearance of coffee houses, kings square,hanging out with a couple different friends, frequenting the library, and discussing specific subjects with specific people, all of these things which
  • These things have all taken place in my life over the last  couple of weeks.
  • I feel vaguely professor Xavier-esque.
  • That being said, I really hope the whole ‘dreams predicting my future’ thing wears off, because other wise I’m going to sink on the titanic, have my bus stop moved onto a dock, swim in three foot deep water to an island, have my mother attempt to marry me off and  be weirded  out by a pug dog playing video games back stage at the Imperial (the back stage of the Imperial having mysteriously sunk underground.).
  • In case you can’t tell, I tend to have odd dreams.
  • I’ve been really digging the cabaret genre of music lately. (not the bad-techno and overplayed lady gaga type of cabaret, the top hat, violin and belly dancing kind.)

  • It’s New Year’s Eve today. Which I’m perfectly fine with(ignoring the whole thing about the world ending in less than a year.). 2011, on the whole, I really didn’t care for you overmuch. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out!
  • I haven’t really thought of any New Year’s resolutions, although if I did they would probably be quite similar to last year’s: to become more peaceful, more creative and to spend more time on the things that matter. If I could add one thing it would probably be to have more patience. (and, yes, I know what a dangerous thing that is to request.)
  • Speaking of patience, I’m spending this new year’s eve with my youth group for an allnighter. I’m a little hesitant over it, but having never tried one before I feel I might as well.
  • Also on the news front, it’s going to be my birthday in a week. I suppose I could really quit writing that every New Year’s Eve. You guys have probably guessed by now that my birthday is on the same day every year. Funnily enough it tends to work like that.
  • Had a sleepover with Mozart Nerd the other day. We knit, we watched movies (we both can lip sync along to the entirety of the Princess Bride) and we ate lots of chocolate. I’d call that a successful sleepover.

I do believe that I’ve more or less caught this blog up. In a random manner, true, but I think that’s what people have come to expect of the majority of my blog posts.

Happy New Years!


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