A Noob’s Thoughts on Cabaret. (And A Few Other Things.)

I already posted my thoughts on the wonderful performance that was Cinderella, but I found a few more pictures from the audience’s view (Yes, it is frowned upon to bring cameras into the theater….shhh.) which I wanted to share here.

The Imperial Theater is such a beautiful place.

The lighting and the camera combined to wash out the guitar, which is a pity, seeing as in person it was a bright baby pink.

Now, for my thoughts on Cabaret. I had been warned ahead of time that attending would probably scar me and cause me to run screaming to my homeschooled roots, never to return.

Well. Maybe that’s veering a bit into hyperbole.

To sum up, as a previously homeschooled girl with absolutely no experience in the world of school dances, this was most certainly jumping off the deep end into the dangerous waters of writhing hormonal crowds. For the first hour I didn’t enjoy myself at all, and had to keep reverting my eyes from…people. And what the people were doing. The last two hours I enjoyed myself for bits of it, after I let go of my dignity and accepted the fact that my friends and I were going to be the small group dancing without touching, in the middle of grinding couples (And threesomes. And foursomes. There was probably even a fivesome started at some point, but by then it was all sort of blurring).

I’ll go again next year.

Next year I will bring blinders.


Now, for the relatives, pictures of what I spent three hours on before going to cab. (Am I the only one who finds it odd that we get all dressed up just to dance to bad techno and avoid the couples attempting clothed procreation?)








If I had to make a list of pointers for people about to try out a highschool dance for the first time it might go something like this:

  • Don’t make eye contact with the grinding people. It’s awkward.
  • High heels are painful. Understand that at some point in the night you will probably have to take a trip to the sidelines and give your feet a break.
  • When people walk up to you and ask why you don’t have a date take it in stride as a very odd form of compliment.
  • The music will suck. It will suck badly. It will suck loudly. Don’t dance near a speaker.
  • Pop dehydrates you, buy water instead.
  • Be glad that the people at the coat check gave you your coat nicely after you identified as “That one three feet in front of me”, instead of keeping it because they couldn’t find the tag that matches your stub.

I’m afraid this post hasn’t completely brought you up to speed- I’ll have to have a post chockfull of bullet points and random bits and bobs soon.





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