The Things That Are Currently Making My Life Awesome


  • Starting tomorrow, I will either be at I-act or the Imperial Theater at least once a day, for eight days.
  • The reason being, it’s production week for CINDERELLA THE FUNKY PANTO. Yes, you heard me correctly, I used full caps, because it’s Cinderella The Funky Panto.
  • And now you know that Friday the sixteenth at seven and Saturday the seventeenth at one you will be going to the Imperial and paying twenty bucks for adults, seventeen for students and seniors, to watch two hours of seventies flavored funky panto spangled awesomeness.
  • Anywho…
  • Today in art class we had a guest speaker come in, to show us how he created 3-d characters for animations, specifically characters designed for games. This was pretty cool for a couple different reasons, being A) 3-D character design is cool, B) My art class which is usually super noisy and obnoxious actually payed attention for once, and C) He designed the very first app I ever got on my Ipod, Trade Nations. (I didn’t have the heart to tell him I deleted it because it kept asking for money, and got kinda boring kinda fast.)
  •  I’ve broken down, and finally admitted to myself that I will be attending cab this year. For those of you who don’t know cab is short for cabaret (no, not that sort of cabaret) which is the fancy christmas dance at my school. And all the awkard highschool couples apparently go to grind on the dance floor. (sorry for the mental image). I will be not going to grind, but to boogie and make a general ass of myself with my friends. (the hyper sort of ass, not the stupid and drunk sort.) Anyways, cab itself isn’t all that super awesmazing, (just a stereotypical teenage person dance), but some of the things connected to it are, namely being:
  •  The Variety Show. I’m pretty sure this is just a fancy name for ‘Talent Show That No One Will Bother Coming Too, As It Is Right Before Cab, And Everyone Is Going To Be Busy Doing Their Hair And Stuff’, but what the hey. I ‘auditioned’ by acting out a couple lines of my monologue that I keep in my back pocket at all times. (which reminds me, I should really memorize another, non-Shakespearean monologue.)

  • Another interesting thing about cab would be some of the conversations it generates. Namely, me (female, and despite what I tell my relatives for shock value, straight) walking up to my (female, straight) friend and asking her out as my cab date. Because couple’s tickets are cheaper than singles tickets. (it’s discrimination against all us forever alones.)
  • Pre-I.B. English class. This is the class I’m doing the worst in, yet it is also the class I think I love the most. (Actually, I lie, that’s art. But English is my second favorite.) We just finished our assignments on Romeo and Juliet, and as much as I love Shakespeare I was glad to reach the end of the assignment when I did. Not that I’m bashing the play, the play is great (the play’s the thing), but Romeo and Juliet themselves were pretty darn irritating by the end of it.
  • My adult friends randomly coming over to my house, and asking me to do their makeup, with instructions like, “Make me look kinda…um..feline. Like a crazy cat lady that got really into it.”
  • My friends in general, really. And, yes, I’m looking at all you I-act people. And Mozart Nerd. And the rest of you who are skulking in the corners. You know who you are.
  • Firefly. As in the show, not the bug. (those things are cool too, though. If you squish them on your hand they leave smears of glowing bug guts.) It’s like a western meets scifi meets steampunk (sorta) meets a whole bunch of random hippie mechanics…’s pretty wonderful.
  • Christmas break is coming up. Last day of school is the twenty third…and then I get until the ninth. Which means I also get my birthday off. So, yay-etty!


Okay, I think it’s time to wrap this post up now, seeing as it’s quarter to one in the morning, and I’ve reached the point where I’m typing words like ‘yay-etty’.




4 thoughts on “The Things That Are Currently Making My Life Awesome

  1. Oh my wonderful niece…do you get to dress up for cab? Sounds interesting! I love to shake my arse at dance parties!!! Wish I was there and 15 years younger, I’d be your date and together we could make asses shaking our asses…
    Watch your mouth!

  2. The jump to pull up your pants… you should do that at the variety show.

    And I also have a straight female date to cab. Make singles pay two more dollars? Way to add insult to injury.

  3. Good luck with Cinderella The Funky Panto (what is a panto anyway??)
    and have fun at the dance – it will be loud. 2 more weeks till Christmas Break!!!!
    Love you lots,

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