I’m currently at school, in somebodies class room, standing around in some particularly uncomfortable (read: shoes with actual heels) shoes.

 Had pancake breakfast this morning, which seems to be a really big deal around here…. the premise is that you don’t have any morning classes, you wait in line for pancakes, and then you go watch an amusing assembly where all the teachers humiliate themselves. Afterwards you have the choice of going to a basket ball game like everybody else, skipping, or going to classes filled with two other people.

 I chose to not wait in line for pancakes, which caused concern my for mental state of mind amongst my pancake eating friends. Their words of concern for me (“You should be disowned from Saint John High!”) could possibly be slightly attributed to the fact that I chose to do English homework instead of pancake-ing.

 Anyways, the teacher’s assembly was hilarious and, sadly, not allowed to be recorded for youtube purposes.

 Lunch period I was going to meet up with a friend at the school library to do social studies homework. Anyways, I walked down to the first floor eating my sandwich, turning down offers to go do uptown related stuff…and the library was locked. Ack. Fail moment.

 I ended up hanging out with some people who I sorta-kinda know. As often happens at lunch everybody ended up nearly comatose in the middle of the hallway. Somebody in the group coined the phrase ‘lounging is good for the soul’, which may very well be my new favorite motto.

 Afterwards I went to go to my art class, rather excited that all the annoying kids would be at the basket ball game…and my art teacher never showed up. The teachers are just deciding to…skip.

  I mean, yeah, they can do that technically, I just never really factored that into my equation of ‘whether or not to go to class’. Because the thought of teachers and the thought of skipping doesn’t necessarily work together in that way.

 At this point I had dramatically thrown down my book bag, and was preparing myself to do English homework in the middle of the hallway, but the janitors were going through, telling us we weren’t allowed to hang in the hallways.


 Okay, so I don’t actually know if they are skipping or not, all I know is that I’m in a classroom full of kids who are in the same predicament as me. Which is really rather amusing when you think about it.

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