Brain babble!

I will attempt to blog post. Starting now.

  •  Last night I had I-act. Which is sorta’ the story of my life right now. Well, only three days out of each week of my life. Still, I feel that I should apologize in advance for the repetition that is going to be present on my blog from now until the show.
  • Speaking of which, dates are Seven Pm on the Sixteenth, and One in the afternoon on the Seventeenth.
  • Come or face my wrath.
  • I have come to the conclusion that one of the things that irritates me is giving and/or receiving awkward shoulder pats. It’s called a hug! Use it!
  • Got my first ever Report Card. I’m a big girl now.
  • Quite annoyed, since in one of the classes I’ve been working my butt off in (International Baccalaureate Social Studies, yo! But if you don’t want to be a pretentious sounding jerk you can always just say I. B.) didn’t actually give me a mark. I’ve been getting full marks in socials studies, but as my teacher didn’t remove the classes from before I had started school from my record it looks like my grade is 2. 2.03 if you want to get really exact about it.
  • RANT OVER. (for now.)
  • I don’t actually like this movie at all. But I’m really loving this song right now. Perhaps it’s the nonsensically angsty teenager coming out in me. (Although just what sorts of nonsensical angsty teenagers worth their salt listen to disney?)

And such was my attempt at a blogpost.




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