“Let’s spin you around, and see if you fly!”

I had I-act tonight, which was an interesting time. We were working on songs, but as I only sing some parts of some songs for the most part I was sitting down with whichever groups of friends weren’t singing. On the whole it was a pretty productive evening though; I got a awkward hug or three, massage, ear lobe massage, spin-ny ride of happy pain (there is a reason it doesn’t work after you’re five.), and had my hair flattened.
Regular night at I-act.

On another note, I decided to pick up my Dad’s acoustic guitar quite randomly yesterday. No real reason other than, “Hey. I’m going to learn the guitar now. Just because,” which is reason enough.
I can now play the chorus to ‘leaving on a jet plane’, in about three minutes,with slightly less than maximum hand pain.

I think that is enough random ear babble for tonight. I have fish people to draw, one or two dates to write down, and a song chorus to practice.

‘Till the next time, lovelies.


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