Dear, dear, dear.

Dear high school couples,

Believe it or not school is not your designated makeout session area. The last thing I need to see when going to classes or, even worse, eating my lunch is two teenagers snogging. Or playing the How Can We Completely Intertwine Ourselves While Still Wearing Clothes game. …and people ask me why I’m not sure if I’m attending cabaret or not.

Dear teachers,

I still don’t understand how crop tops, cleavage, and skinny jeans are all okay, but hats are of the devil. Seriously? Seriously?

Dear Hipster Glasses,

I really want a pair of you. I don’t know just what this means about me, but it’s true.

Dear Blog,

My apologies for abandoning you. Looks like the whole ‘blog every day’ thing got pushed aside for lesser priorities…like sleep. It happens.

Dear Weather,

You are confusing. Soooo confusing. And this whole ‘sun setting at four thirty thing?’ not cool.

Dear Awesome Clothes,

Please magically appear in my dresser at night, and drape yourself around me every morning. (Seriously. I really need to stop reading this person‘s blog. The jealousy is too much for me.) Oh, and the mirror that does my makeup and hair for me in the mornings? Science needs to step on it.

Dear Havarti Cheese,

I love you. You are creamy, fattening, a little bit spicy, and make my sandwiches taste like I spent way more time on them than I actually did. And a happy lunch means a happy Kaelen means happy teachers means happy students means a school that stays in one piece. Who knew that Havarti Cheese was responsible for holding the education system together?

Oh so sincerely,


One thought on “Dear, dear, dear.

  1. I guess it’s safe to say the honeymoon is over. And thank God for Havarti and tasty food… it takes us thru some rough times; my preference though is chocolate.

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