I got a locker today!

Afterwards I spent a good half hour trying to figure out how my lock works. I did eventually get it though…also found out that I couldn’t work out how to open a locker. I had to be told how to open it, to my friend’s amusement. This is what happens when homeschoolers go to school!

Language arts/English (it would seem that all the cool kids call it english) continues to be my favorite class.

Had assembly in the morning- there was an awkward procession of ghosts who walked up the aisles and stood on the stage until they were pushed (yes, pushed) behind the curtain. Most of the ghosts wore white sheets, with  the exception of one ghost who had a patterned bed sheet. I wonder what the story was behind that….

Enjoying school so far! (except for the homework. That’s a given.)

Time to put off  factoring squares.




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