You have been schooled.

Ever wondered what public school looks like from the eyes of a fourteen year old who has never been in the system before?



First off I went  to the office, since the principal had requested that I start my day that way.  They gave me a bus pass, and told me to hang my coat in their closet as I didn’t have a locker. (still don’t for all I know.)

First class was I.B. Social Studies. Didn’t really knock my socks off, for two reasons, being 1) that I was late and had not a clue what I was supposed to be doing, and 2. there was a substitute that had her nose stuck in a book the entire time and gave not a flip what I did. (all this being said the class was surprisingly well behaved.)

Up next was ‘achievement period’ aka sit in your homeroom and catch up on homework period. I was escorted up to the correct room only to be told by my homeroom teacher to go to the cafeteria…apparently even though he is ‘technically’ my homeroom teacher he doesn’t ‘teach’ my homeroom…we go chill with some other teacher in the cafeteria for forty five minutes.

Second class was math. A guy I know from Iact goes is in the same class as me (the only class with anybody I know) which was rather nice. The teacher (also a substitute.)went over some math that I already knew, but seeing as I didn’t know it very well and she taught a new (faster method) for factoring perfect square trinominals (the name scares me too.) it kept me interested.

Third was science. Gah. Ugh. I seriously felt a urge to punch people in the head throughout the entirety of science. There were about four boys scattered throughout the class who refused to copy down what the teacher asked them to, asked dumb questions, and all in all made complete jackasses of themselves. To top it off there was a random quiz at the end of the class with only three minutes till the bell rang.

Lunch. Beautiful one hour of lunch. I went and sat against some random person’s locker (seeing as I don’t have one yet and all) and hung out with various peoples I know from I-act.

Visual arts was my first class after lunch. I’d heard the teacher was a little out there…and it’s true. She kinda’ is. I couldn’t tell whether she was in control of the class or if she just couldn’t wait for us to get out of there. Anyways, I love drawing which is why I chose visual arts as my elective (Tech as my other elective, but that starts next semester.) And although it wasn’t all I thought it was I did enjoy the class. I think that once I begin to relax a bit, meet people, and understand the teachers I’ll enjoy that class more.

My last class was I.B. Language Arts. Most certainly my favorite out of all the classes! They were just starting Romeo and Juliet when today, and it looks like it’s going to be a good time. The teacher was awesome, and it was a class where I actually got to use my brain and interact with the other students really got to explore the meaning of the play a bit, and throw ideas back and forth with the teacher and other students.

Then it was bus time (which, for the record, was my first time ever riding a bus by myself. Which is sad but true.)

And then my math homework which completely kicked my butt until I finally kicked back and figured it out. (not really a math person.)

Kaelen. 🙂



2 thoughts on “You have been schooled.

  1. well, it sounds like you survived first day. enjoyed it enough to go back for a second? trust it will get easier as time goes by. anyways, no catastrophes–toilet paper attached to shoe, skirt tucked into pantyhose, kick me signs attached to back, etc. welcome to high school…

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