“I need Gabrik to fix a shoe on Rosie here.”

Kingdom’s Dawn. By Chuck Black.



Tomorrow I start ‘real’ school. Which, as somebody who has managed to go nearly fifteen years escaping this, is kind of a big deal. You know.

I feel like I should write a long, emotional, extremely slightly cheesy post about how I’m under the influence of the system now, and I’m going to start watching CSI Timbuktu each night while waiting for the bleach to work it’s blonde magic on my hair.

But for your sakes I’ve chosen not to go down that path. (Plus, the bleach would ruin my hair.)

Besides. It just means that starting tomorrow I have a larger audience for my socially awkward escapades!

Not to mention that most of my friends from youth group and Interaction (two places filled with the most beautifully socially awkward people I know.) Go to Saint John High School.

I’ve got my backpack packed, my outfit layed aside in readiness for tomorrow, and I’ve timed up my bathing schedule so that tomorrow I will have perfect hair. (and I know that sounds weird, but hair that’s got a day or two’s worth of dirt in it styles so much better. Anyways, that’s why they invented deodorant!)

Goodnight gentle folk.

I have bed to be getting to and school to be nervous about.




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