Dear Saint John High…

Look. I love you too. But I think you’re pushing this whole thing too fast, you know? Honestly, I told you the twenty fourth. But then you go behind my back and call my Dad (I totally caught you in the act, don’t try to lie.) to complain that I’m not with you today? Really?

I want it to work just as much as you do, okay? Today I spent two hours preparing a science essay on Marie Curie. Marie Friggin Curie. I stuck my head inside the radioactive quagmire of science. And I did it for you.

And don’t even get me started on the fact that you’re the one asking me to explain myself. “Call the number to explain your absence. Beep”(And while we’re on the subject how did you get my number? Are you some kind of creep?!)

Couldn’t even talk to me in person either, could you? Good god, why didn’t you just post it on my Facebook wall while you’re at it?

I’m going to say this one more time. I’m starting school on the twenty fourth. Control yourself. And until then don’t even think about asking me to explain my absence. You don’t own me.

Let’s try and make this happen, kay?


PS Seriously though, don’t really post on my Facebook wall. And change your relationship status while you’re at it.

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