I cocked my head again, listening.

The Bartimaeus Trilogy. Book one, The Amulet of Samarkand. By Jonathan Stroud.


As I may have mentioned before, I find the world of refashioning really neat. You’re taking something ugly, and turning it into something with a purpose. What’s more, sometimes one doesn’t even have to break out the thread and scissors, but can refashion a piece of clothing with plain old imagination. (holy, that sounds cheesy.)I recently came across a excellent example of this, and would like to share it with you. (actually, that whole paragraph sounds cheesy. Ah well. Nachos to go with it? anyone?)

Step one: Buy a ugly vest (with potential) from your local thrift store for the whopping price of 2 dollars.


Now, take that gross vest off, and put it on upside down!

(ignore how bored I look here. I really do have more facial expressions than shown in the picture above.)

Now, button it. Just button it as if you were wearing it normally..and you will end up with this awesome shawl collared vest that would look in place on a girl genius villain.

If this is a little too extravagant for you, you can push the collar down and pin it in place.

(excuse my lack of pin, I couldn’t find a good one. So, finger pin to the rescue!)

Or, put one collar flap underneath the other, and pin to the side. Like so.

(Finger pin to the rescue again!)

This is probably my favorite way to wear it, so I’m a little sad that it looks so wrinkly in the pictures…ah well!

Happy refashioning.


PS: If you enjoyed this post I would suggest you look at this live journal post.



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