…embittered ex-hippie boss…

Generation X. By Douglas Coupland.


Walked uptown today, to get some paperclay, darning needles, and drop off books at the library.

The latter two missions were easily fulfilled, but unfortunately I didn’t manage to find any paperclay (otherwise known as air drying clay) at my local art store. Ah well, the staff was nice (and slightly cute. In a twenty seven year old man type of way.) and I manged to find some (rather expensive in my opinion, but beggars can’t be choosers.) sculpey.

Made a video today. Question: Too much hip jiggling? I think that if puck was a girl with hips (or, as in my case, a girl without hips.) he/she would jiggle them for all he/she was worth…he’s a pretty exuberant character.

Made some yummy soup (quick tip: throw in your leftover gravy as a oil to fry your onions/garlic in…adds a awesome flavor.) and have youth group tonight, so all in all I think I can say that today went pretty well.



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