Mom & Dad are discussing

Today my journal was the closest thing to hand. (oooh, a inside look into how my brain works!) It’s a partial sentence, which means you get to pick and choose how you want to complete the sentence- like one of those choose your adventure books you used to read. (those things were awesome!)


I do believe that today we’ll have a youtube-ish post. This is mostly because, I uploaded my first video to youtube today, with the whopping time of nine seconds.

(please ignore the fact that youtube seems determined that after watching my video what you really want to do is watch some guy with his head a very small distance away from some girls boobs.)

And, yes, I am using one form of social media to promote another form of social media. (Quiet now! It’s a secret…)

Now you should all go friend, subscribe, comment, send chocolate, and worship me. Meanwhile I’ll work on putting something a little more substantial up- maybe next time I’ll go for the record breaking ten seconds. So many exciting dreams…

The whole reasoning as to why I got youtube (because blogging, facebook, ravelry, craftster and email just didn’t keep me on the computer enough.) is because this talented person has put out a halloween makeup challenge:

And honestly, if you’ve read enough of this blog, then you will probably have figured out that something like this is right up my alley.

I do this for fun, remember?

On a completely different note, why is youtube now asking for your phone number when one signs up?

I had a odd moment when I first attempted to sign up, and received the whole, “O hai there! We is devoted to interfering in your personal privacy. We can haz your phone number now?” spiel.

Being at my grandparents house, and having the feeling that they probably did not want me to hand out their personal information to the invisible gods of the internets I put off creating an account until I was home. (Seriously. They’re scared of FireFox. Personal info might have been stretching them a mite too far…)

At which point, youtube told me that they already had a account signed up with them under my email address.

At which point I told youtube, “Actually…you don’t.”

A short period of confusing time later- I had a youtube account, with out giving out my number. And although this makes me happy I have no idea how it happened.

Does youttube’s phone policy differ between provinces? Did I hit a glitch with my marvelous h@ck3r abilities? If one person using a IP address signs up to youtube with their phone does everybody else using that address manage to slip by unnoticed?

I personally like the  marvelous h@ck3r abilities theory. (This coming from the girl who can’t even get downloads for the sims to work.)

I’m going to throw out a cool music video into your midst, smoke bomb style, so I can make good my escape while your puny mortal brains are distracted.

(runs off, ninja style, into the distance.)


PS- count how many times I use the word youtube in this post!


2 thoughts on “Mom & Dad are discussing

  1. …whether or not to put you up for adopton?
    …whether or not to join the circus?
    …whether or not to let you come live with your awesome AJ?
    …whether or not to wear boxers or briefs?

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