The evil dragon knights are attacking the mill.

Blog titles have never been something that comes easily to me, and if I have to think of a new one every day then I might as well give up now.  Also, there is something rather fun about completely random titles… or so I think.

So, my new rule is that I turn to page twenty of the nearest book (phone books don’t count.), second paragraph, part or all of the first sentence.

In other words, I’m giving structure to my random. (In case you’re wondering, this particular gem came from Lego Club Magazine.)


Right now I seem to be caught in a point of time between change and what has, up to now, been immobile- in other words, an annoying on edge feeling.

You see, I’m currently trying to go from being homeschooled (which has composed all of my education up ’till now.) to being public schooled. I’ve got my school picked out. (Saint John High!) I’m fairly confident that I’ll get into the grade I want to go into (Ten.) I even know which I.B. courses I want to take. (International Baccalaureate. AKA fancy classes.) The only problem now is them letting me in!

We called the school district, which basically said, we can’t do much, call the principal of your prospective school. We called the principal, who didn’t get back to us right away, so while we were waiting we called the Guidance counselors at the school (which didn’t do anything whatsoever.). Finally, when the principal got back to us, she told us to call some dude who, according to his outgoing message, specializes in ‘highschools’, whatever that means.

We called, set up a appointment, drove all the way out to the school district office in the middle of the day (Which, I note, he didn’t give us directions to. Cue the frantic googling.) and sat in a depressing room while my Dad filled out a basic form(Age, name, medical stuff, etc, etc.) and I said, Saint John High, Grade ten, and so on and so forth.

I was told that A) I might not get IB classes, and B) I might not go to the school I want to- I’m in the district for either Saint John High or Saint Macs, and as both of them are quite full I might get lumped into Saint Macs.

Apparently we are going to have yet another appointment set up between me, my dad, somebody from SJH (I think), and the ‘highschool specialist’. And then, maybe, If I’m lucky, we might get to set up an appointment to assess me, so they can decide how smart I am. (As I said before, fingers crossed for grade ten.)

Amusingly enough, I’ve had experiences with the school district before (this while being homeschooled) where they seemed quite happy to check up on me, and see that everything was fine. Now, when I’m actually asking to go to school there seems to be a big fuss, and they’re dragging it out for all they’re worth.

Egads! At this rate I’ll count my self lucky if I get in before Christmas.


Um. When I started this post I didn’t intend it to turn into such rant, but I suppose it had to come out of my system sooner or later. I promise that I’m not planning in turning all of October into ‘Pity Kaelen’ month!

Ever yours in a most socially awkward manner,



One thought on “The evil dragon knights are attacking the mill.

  1. I know it sucks now, but learning patience is always good later on. Probably a comment that doesn’t help, but I love you 🙂

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