Challenge accepted, October!

Scene: A messy bedroom with a teenage girl swinging in a hammock, time wasting on a laptop.

Dramatic music as shot zooms in to focus on her face, then fades out as a voice symbolizing her internal thought pattern begins to speak.

“Hmmm….oh hey, tumblr! Man, nobody posts ever posts anything interesting. Hey, this person’s avatar looks cool- wonder what sort of stuff they post…oh dear gawd my eyes!!!!”

Camera zooms up to eyes while the music from psycho plays. Her eyes look blood shot.

“Oh dear. I hope my Dad doesn’t suddenly take it into his head to check internet history…

A artsy montage of hands clicking, until we finally focus on the girls head, silhouetted against the window beside her. Said window looks out onto a disgusting gray rain swept fall evening.

“Ohhh…there is nothing to do anymore.  I could go knit…but yeah. No. I think it’s a cable round this time, and I don’t like those ones…

“Ah! I’ll post about yarnharlot…wait…no…I need to get the pictures for that first. I could just blogpost about something random…nah.

“….I should really blog more often.

“….one of these days….hey! Maybe next month I’ll do one of those blog challenge things where you post once every day for a whole month…but not today. I couldn’t.

A sudden burst of flute music as the girls face lights up with realization.

“Wait. I could. Today’s the second. I blogged on the first…I think. Yeah! Yeah! I could really do this!

As the final words fade out the sun bursts out from behind a cloud, epic music strikes up as choir group dressed as unicorns jump out from behind the hammock and begin to sing.

Fade out to credits.


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