Posing as posers, like all the cool kids do…

Friday. KnitEast market.

Saturday. YarnHarlot.

Now, for the breakdown.


I’m not very good at dressing as a hipster. Which is a odd- but true- confession to make. I’m basically saying I’m not very good at posing as a poser. Huh. I figured this out yesterday, when MozartNerd and I went to the Kniteast market to fondle pretty yarn. We decided to dress as hipsters, because…that’s what all the cool kids do. Right?

Anyways, didn’t work too well.

This was fun to watch though:

Um…now…what was I saying- right! Knit East Market, with MozartNerd. Yarn. Lot’s and lot’s of pretty yarn. We stroked it, fondled it, rubbed it against our faces…smelt it. (seriously. Yarn smells nummy! Try whuffing some Fleece artist sometime. And…um…quit looking at me like that.)

I ended up coming out with this….

Please ignore the blurriness...

I didn’t manage to get snap of the Mozart Nerd’s yarn…artsy pictures of knitting hands instead?


Going to get to see Yarn Harlot tonight! Courtesy of the fact that Mozart Nerd volunteers at Cricket Cove (our local yarn store, that just so happens to be hosting Knit East.) and  she got three free tickets to go see Yarn harlot talk. (which, in case you don’t know, is kinda’ a big deal for a knitter. A kinda’ big whopping happy fangirlish deal.)

Also, I cast on with the orange yarn I bought at the market yesterday. It’s the perfect pickmeup for today’s terrible gray weather.

It’s going to turn into this. Because, so help me, if I can’t have red hair, then I can have a bright orange hat.

After Yarnharlot, I’m heading back to MozartNerd’s place, for a sleepover.

And, in case you’re curious, we aren’t going as hipsters this time ’round. Much too mature for that….steampunking it today. 🙂 (and yes, I am the one who suggested that. Because I’m kinda a steampunk fangirl wannabe. Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone.)

And although I always swore to myself that I wouldn’t be the type of blog that posts outfit pictures- oh, look! Outfit pictures!

…I’m not so good at posing as a poser, but just plain posing I can do fine.

And in case you’re wonder- that vest I’m wearing? Knitted it myself. 🙂 I’m rather smug about it, as so far it’s the only ‘sweater-ish’ thing I’ve knitted for myself before. So that shall have to be another blog post!

Hoping that you guys are having a good weekend, whate’er it may consist of.


4 thoughts on “Posing as posers, like all the cool kids do…

  1. You have the radist style my love. Is Radist a word?
    I so aspire to be as cool as you one day…not being sarcastic but deathly serious.

    • (′rā′dist)

      (*navigation*) Radio-navigation system in which the comparison of arrival times of transmitted pulses, at three or more ground stations, indicates the position of the vehicle.

      Um… thanks!

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