Home again, home again. Jiggety Jig.

Well, I’m back in new brunswick! Two months people! Two months is a long time. Especially if we’re talking in internet time, by which I’ve been gone practically two years. But, that being said, it was two peaceful, happy, full-of-people-who-haven’t-seen-me-since-I-was-two-and-then-tell-me-I-have-grown months.

And I miss everybody already.

Not to mention that I spent a whole lot of that time with my Aunty Jesse- to put it plainly, I came back with a whole lot more clothes (and makeup!) than when I left.  Seriously- I left with  3 pairs of shoes and came back with six.

Driving back across the country I felt a little guilty with all my clothes taking up so much room in the van. Bah. Blame it on the fact that I am a teenager. And a teenage girl at that. (why, yes, it is a lame excuse. Why do you mention it?)

Anyways, in addition to my frivolous suitcase full, I also brought along a camera to document my trip across Canada. So…picture time!

The most beautiful lake, with fog coming off it. This is probably my favorite picture I got during the trip.


Home on the road. 😉



Just saying.



This plaque was beside a disgusting sulfur-potent little trickle of water coming off a mountain in Alberta. Basically, it's commerating ye olde fart creek.


There’s more pictures, but I’ll have to save them for a later day. Here’s to attempting to post more regularly!


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